Our Lady’s School employs top-notch, Certified educators. Our teachers are passionate about your child’s education and our school.

Mrs. Tracy Richard
Pre - K 3
Mrs. Alyson Dupre
Pre - K 4
Ms. Evelyn Vincent
Pre - K 4
Mrs. Amy Leleux
Kindergarten A
Mrs. Natalie Malone
Kindergarten B
Mrs. Beth Mouton
1st Grade A
Mrs. Stacey Regan
1st Grade B
Alyssa Norwood
2nd Grade
Ms. Vicky Patin
3rd Grade
Ms. Christy Breaux
4th Grade A
Mrs. Stefanie Viator
4th Grade B
Mrs. Robin Anderson
5th Grade
Ms. Kathryn Engel
Middle School English / ELA
Madeleine Desselle
Middle School Math
Mrs. Heather Istre
Middle School Science
Mr. Grant Dunn
Middle School Social Studies
Mr. Kevin Comboy
DRE and Middle School Religion


Mrs. Katie Daniel
Mrs. Charleen Godeaux
Coach Tressie Bares
Physical Education
Cindy Graham
Suzanne Hebert


Our Lady’s Catholic School, Inc. is an equal opportunity educational institution. The Catholic Schools of the Diocese of Lake Charles do not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, or national origin in accepting applications for student admissions or in the administration of educational policies, of scholarship and loan programs, and of athletic and extra-curricular programs.

Students are accorded, regardless of race, sex, and national origin, programs and activities generally accorded or made available to such persons in each school. This policy applies to all schools under Diocesan auspices.